Sandeep Vaishnav


Meet Sandeep, our code nerd extraordinaire! From websites to apps to OpenAI, he’s deeply immersed in it all. With exceptional communication skills and a keen eye for future trends, Rohit is the epitome of a forward-thinking developer.

Giancarlo Foschini

Meet Giancarlo, the user-centered design champ! With a keen eye for detail and a heart of gold, he’s all about teamwork and creating value through design wizardry. Not just pixels, he’s on a mission to make a real impact through communication and tech.

Varun Panwar

Meet Varun, our SEO wizard, known for crafting global wonders. With leading agency experience, he’s ranked healthcare websites on the first page in just 6 months. Get ready for SEO success with Varun on your team!

Shriya Prasanna

Meet Shriya, our Founder and CEO, passionate about democratizing top-tier marketing for small businesses. She’s an enthusiastic problem-solver with a love for all things marketing.

Juan Trujillo

Juan, our dynamic marketer, is a game changer in paid social media. With experience at mega agencies like Publicis Group, he’s transformed numerous businesses in our portfolio.

Pratibha Sharma

Meet Prathiba, our energetic PPC and SEO expert. Analytical and tech-smart, she excels at interpreting data and strategizing for results. While she’s busy smashing Google ads, she dreams of owning her own cafe one day!

Justine Valerie

Justine, our backend juggler, excels at organizing and managing our internal management platforms such as Trello and Slack. She’s fantastic at keeping everything running smoothly behind the scenes!