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At Good on Digital, we had the pleasure of working with The Amazing Flameless Candles – an LED candle wholesaler. Through our strategic lead generation efforts, we were able to help TAFC achieve remarkable results, surpassing their goals and delivering high-quality leads. With 120 SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) generated on their first month, and with a significant reduction in CPSQL (Cost Per Sales Qualified Lead), TAFC was thrilled with the outcome.

The Challenge: Improving Lead Quality and Reducing Costs

Before partnering with Good On Digital, TAFC faced challenges in acquiring quality leads at an efficient cost. Their historic CPSQL of $135 was not sustainable, and they were determined to enhance lead quality while reducing costs. Our objective was to help TAFC meet their goals by delivering a consistent flow of high-quality leads within a target CPSQL range.

Our Approach: Strategic Lead Generation and Optimization

To address TAFC’s challenges, we implemented a comprehensive lead generation strategy and continuously optimized our efforts to maximize results.

We began by conducting a thorough analysis of TAFC’s target audience, identifying key demographics, interests, and behaviors. This valuable information allowed us to create targeted campaigns that reached the right prospects who were most likely to engage with TAFC’s fitness offerings.

Based on the audience analysis, we crafted compelling ad campaigns across various platforms, including search engines and social media channels. Our focus was on delivering engaging ad creatives that highlighted TAFC’s unique value proposition, inspiring potential customers to take action and become qualified leads. By optimizing keywords, ad placements, and ad formats, we ensured that TAFC’s ads reached the intended audience with maximum impact.

Throughout the campaign, we closely monitored the performance of TAFC’s lead generation efforts. By analyzing data and key performance indicators, we identified areas for improvement and implemented strategic optimizations. This included refining audience targeting, adjusting ad bids, and optimizing landing pages to enhance the conversion rate and cost efficiency. Our data-driven approach allowed us to fine-tune the campaign for optimal results.

The Outcome: Exceeding Goals and Delivering Quality Leads

The partnership between Good on Digital and TAFC yielded exceptional results, surpassing goals and delivering high-quality leads that delighted the client.

Surpassing CPSQL Goals: Through our strategic lead generation efforts, we were able to significantly reduce TAFC’s CPSQL. During the first month, we achieved a CPSQL of $94, showcasing a substantial improvement compared to their historic average. Moreover, with a current CPSQL of $73.50, we have already exceeded TAFC’s goal CPSQL for 2023, which was set at $85.

Quantity and Quality of Leads: With 120 SQLs generated so far this month, TAFC is thrilled with the quantity and quality of the leads delivered. The leads have proven to be of high quality, satisfying the requirements of TAFC’s sales team and boosting their confidence in the campaign’s success. The client’s feedback emphasizes their happiness with the results and their eagerness to surpass the initial goal of 175 SQLs.


Through our strategic lead generation approach and continuous optimization efforts, we were able to help TAFC exceed their goals, generate high-quality leads, and drive measurable success. The reduction in CPSQL, increased lead volume, and client satisfaction are testaments to the effectiveness of our strategies. We remain committed to our partnership with TAFC and look forward to further enhancing their growth and success.

Client's Review

Good on Digital has been an incredible resource for my agency. Shriya and the team are responsive, knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and all-around great to work with. We are coming up on one year of working together, and my team has consistently seen record months and positive ROI on their ad spend. Highly recommended!

— Alexis, Team TAFC

After Service Results

+175% Increase In Leads
+54% Decrease in Cost Per Lead
+300% Traffic Increase